We Grow Memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

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HOURS:10AM - 6PM EVERYDAY until Oct 29 ...Activities on weekends close at 5:30PM  Oct 30 - Nov 10 10AM - 5PM

Are you organic?   No, we are not certified organic. We have chosen a different, yet safe approach to growing fruit which is called sustainable. One way we reduce chemical use is called the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach. By monitoring unacceptable levels of insects, weeds and diseases we can apply the lowest dose of chemicals only at critical times.  The USDA tests our fruit annually and has never found residual pesticides. You can trust our fruit to be safe for you and your family!

How much is admission? There is no admission fee here. There are fees for some activities.

Do you accept credit cards? We accept cash and all credit/debit cards.

Do you have an ATM? We do NOT have an ATM onsite.

How far are you from Minneapolis? We are approx 25 miles west of downtown Minneapolis (or 20 minutes west of HWY 494).

Are pets allowed? Pets are NOT allowed for multiple reasons: (1) Although we appreciate animals, as a MN business, we must adhere to the rules and regulations outlined by our license.  (2) The U.S. GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) law states that NO pets shall be present where food is grown.  (3) Because we are a public space, we must respect the guests who could be present that have allergies to animal hair and other health complications.  

Are you handicap assessible? Our orchard store and cafe are both accessible and ADA-friendly.  However, there are some informal gathering areas outside of our building which may present difficulties for wheelchairs or walkers.  Also, our wagon ride is 2 steps up off the ground.  

May we bring our own food & drink? Since we have a restaurant on site, NO other food or drink is allowed.  

What allergens are in your donuts? Eggs, soy, milk & wheat are all present in our donut mix.  There are no peanut ingredients in the donuts, HOWEVER we may have peanuts in our kitchen.

Is your cider pasteurized? Yes.  We do not make our own, but the cider mill where it originates (in southern MN) does pasteurize it as recommended by law.

How should I store my apples? Store apples in as cool a location as possible...most apples prefer 34 to 36 degrees (for Honeycrisp use 36 to 38 degrees).  Keep them covered and include a damp towel to help keep the area moist.