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       Our own orchard-fresh apples are available two ways:

 1.Pick your Own - Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays you may pick your own apples depending on what is ripe and ready to pick and available.   
PICKING IS DONE FOR THE 2017 Season.                  

 2.Bag your own - There's always a great selection of apples available in our APPLEMARKET! 
Open daily August thru early Nov. with samples available.

   Our spacious applemarket features our fresh-picked apples!  Come and bag-your-own or pick up pre-filled bag. There are always good buys available for those of you who like to bake, can or freeze.





These are approximate dates - not always available at the time listed since it all depends on the weather. Download PDF version


Average Harvest Dates

Fruit Characteristics


Storage Life
Dolgo Crab August 15-25

Crimson crabapple,tart, complex flavor.

Excellent for jelly .  3-4 weeks
Dutchess Aug. 9-15  tart, tender, juicy  Good for pie and sauce  Several weeks 
Whitney Crab 20-Aug Large sweet Crab Good for eating and pickling 3-4 weeks
State Fair Aug. 18-24 Medium red, striped, crisp, juicy, somewhat tart. Fresh eating and cooking. Several weeks.
Zestar! 28-Aug Crisp and Juicy Excellent eating 6-8 weeks
Paulared Aug 25-Sep 1st.

Red, crisp, juicy.

Good for eating, pie. sauce 1 month
Chestnut Crab Sep 3-11 Large crab with super great flavor Eating 4 weeks
Wealthy Sep 8-16 Red with a white flesh. Juicy sweet subacid flavor. Cooking, pies, and fresh eating. 1 month
Red Baron Sep 10th Good eating! Eating, pie, cider. 4 weeks.
Sweet Tango Sep 10-25

Red, "sheep nose" shaped with distinct white lenticles

Insanely crisp, mega juicy, complex sweet tart flavors!

Excellent Eating Apple 5 weeks.
Sweet Sixteen Sep 19-27 Large, crisp, sweet Eating, sauce, and pie 4 weeks
Honeycrisp Sep 15-28 Minnesota Red with a yellow background. A mouth full of flavor. Freash eating, cooking and pies. 5 to 6 months
Cortland Sep 25th-Oct 3rd Sweet/tart. Very white flesh which holds color well. All purpose. Greata for salads!

2 months

Macoun Sep 20 Dark Red, medium size, richly flavored, aromatic, excellent fresh eating quality Cooking, fresh eating, cider, pie Keeps well
Fristbite Late September Medium sized, red striped. Fresh eating "Pineappley" sweet/tart flavor. 4 weeks
Haralson Sep 30-Oct 8 A Minnesota favorite! Crisp, tart. Good all purpose apple.

4 months

Honeygold Early October Yellow sweet flavor Fresh eating and cooking 3 months
Liberty October 5-10 Red, School box size. Great sweet/tart balence Cooking, fresh eating 6 weeks
Regent Oct 10-17 Crisp, juicy, sweet, good keeper All purpose 3-4 months
Snow sweet Oct 12-18 Medium Sized Round red. An "improved" Connel Red

Great fresh eating, cooking, and sauce.

Snow white flesh.

Several months.
Connel Red Oct 12-18 Connel Red is a color sport of Fireside Great fresh eating, cooking and sauce. Several months
Fireside Oct 12-18 Large Red Striped on yellow background Great fresh eating, cooking and sauce Several months
Keepsake Oct 13-19 Firm and crisp Fresh eating 3-4months

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