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                                                                      Our own orchard-fresh apples are available two ways:

1. Pick your own - Apple picking will start Labor Day Weekend....only available certain weekends as varieties are ripe so always check if you like to pick! 2014 will be a limited u-pick year thanks to the harsh winter.

2. Great selection of apples from our own farm available in our APPLEMARKET for the same price as u-pick.  The Applemarket is Open daily August through early Nov.

   Our spacious Apple Market features our fresh-picked apples!  Come and bag-your-own or pick up pre-filled bag. There are always good buys available for those of you who like to bake, can or freeze.





These are approximate dates - not always available at the time listed since it all depends on the weather. Download PDF version


Average Harvest Dates

Fruit Characteristics


Storage Life
Norland August 10-15  Greenish yellow stripped with red. Moderately acid but pleasant  Fresh eating and cooking.  Several Weeks 
Dolgo Crab August 15-25

Crimson crabapple,tart, complex flavor.

Excellent for jelly .  3-4 weeks
Vista Bell August 17-25  White fleshed fruit  Very good eating and cooking  3-4 weeks 
Dutchess Aug. 9-15  tart, tender, juicy  Good for pie and sauce  Several weeks 
Whitney Crab August 20  Large sweet Crab   Good for eating and pickling  3-4 weeks
William's Pride August 25-30  Dark red on a green-yellow background. Very crisp and juicy.  Fresh eating.  6-8 weeks. 
Viking August 25-30 

Red/Purple on greenish yellow backgound. White fleshed.

Good early baking apple.Sauce. Fresh eating

6-8 weeks. 
State Fair Aug. 18-24  Medium red, striped, crisp, juicy, somewhat tart  Fresh eating and cooking  Several weeks 
Zestar! August 28  Crisp and Juicy  Excellent eating  6-8 weeks 
Paulared Aug. 25-Sept.1  Red, crisp, juicy  Good for eating, pie, sauce  1 month 
Beacon Aug. 25-30  Sweet, aromatic flavor.  Fresh eating, cooking and cider  Several weeks 
Wealthy Sept 5 -10  Red skin, sometimes striped. White tender very juicy sweet.  Pies, fresh eating, cooking  4weeks 
Ginger Gold Early September  Crisp, juicy and tangy. Smooth green-yellow skin.  Fresh eating, pies, salads (Waldorf), freezing, cooking.  4 weeks 
Chestnut Crab Sept. 3-11  Large crab with super great flavor  Eating  4 Weeks 
Wealthy Sept. 8-16  Red with a white flesh. Juicy sweet subacid flavor  Cooking, pies and fresh eating  1 month 
Red Baron Sep 10th  Good Eating!  Eating, Pie, Cider  4 Weeks 
MN 1914 / Sweet Tango / Minneistra Sep 10-25   

Red, "sheep nose" shaped with distinct white lenticles

Insanely crisp, mega juicey, complex sweet tart flavors!

Excellent Eating Apple   5 Weeks 
Sweet Sixteen Sept. 19-27  Large, crisp, sweet  Eating, sauce and pie  4 weeks 
Honeycrisp Sept. 15-28  A Favorite!  Red with a yellow background. A mouth full of flavor.  Fresh eating! Cooking and pies.  5 to 6 Months 
Cortland Sept. 25-Oct. 3  Sweet/tart. Very white flesh which holds color well  All purpose. Great for salads!  2 months 
Macoun September 20-30  Dark Red, medium size, richly flavored, aromatic,excellent fresh eating quality.  Cooking, Fresh eating, cider, pie.  Keeps well 
Northwest Greening Late September  Large, Green  Cooking  4 weeks 
Frosbite Late September  Medium sized Red striped

Fresh eating "Pineappley" sweet/tart flavor

4 weeks 
Prairie Spy Sept. 27-Oct. 5  Large, mild flavor, holds shape when cooked  All purpose  2 months 
Haralson Sept. 30-Oct. 8  A Minnesota favorite! - crisp, tart  Good all purpose apple  4 months 
Honeygold Early October  Yellow sweet flavor  Fresh eating and cooking  3 months 
Liberty October 5-10  Red, School box size. Great sweet/tart balence  Cooking, fresh eating.  6 weeks 
Regent Oct. 10-17  Crisp, juicy, sweet, good keeper  All purpose 3-4 months 
Snow Sweet Oct 12-18 

Medium Sized Round red. An "improved" Connel Red

Great fresh eating, cooking and sauce. Snow White Flesh

Several months 
Connell Red Oct 12-18  Connell Red is a color sport of Fireside  Great fresh eating, cooking and sauce  Several months 
Fireside Oct 12-18  Large Red Striped on yellow background  Great fresh eating, cooking and sauce  Several months 
Keepsake Oct. 13-19  Firm and crisp  Fresh eating  3-4 months 

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