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Farming Practices

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Healthy Growing Practices are our Farming Policy.

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide you and your family with high quality and wholesome fruit while also caring for our environment, wildlife and community with responsible pest management solutions.

By using good, responsible farming practices we are able to produce quality fruit while minimizing health and environmental hazards.

We use IPM or Integrated Pest Management techniques.  What does this mean?  It means using a variety of strategies like monitoring pests in insect traps, spore counts and visual observation so that only the necessary and proper chemical or biological controls are used.  The goal is to use a variety of strategies to control fungal and pest populations BEFORE they cause problems.

                                      IPM is a year-round commitment and responsibility:

1.Identifying, attracting and protecting beneficial insects and birds.

2.Mating disruption of harmful pests

3.Insect trapping to estimate

We use Integrated Pest Management in our orchard so as to cause the least possible risk to people, property and environment.

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